Scorpion Solitaire Summer

Put Summer Scorpion Solitaire on your to-do list this summer. This card game a difficult, yet fun version of solitaire. Picture yourself sitting on a picnic bench with an iced coffee, breathing in fresh air, and playing a spicy game of Summer Scorpion Solitaire. You don't need to bring a friend to have fun playing this game!

Play by eliminating all cards from the tableau. Place the cards on the opposite side of the board in descending order. These cards do not have to be of the same suit. But remember, you can only put Kings in slots that open up on the tableau. If you have exhausted all moves, use the stock card on the right to add cards. Don't let this scorpion paralyze you if you get stung, you can always try again to beat this Solitaire game!

Scorpion Solitaire Summer Strategy

  • The cards in either the tableau or the right side may be stacked in descending order.
  • Don't worry about stacking the cards by suit.
  • Remove all cards from the tableau to beat this card game.


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